In the world of virtual learning experiences, we are all fatigued with various forms of “Zoom-itis”. But we cannot let this stop us from building new skill capabilities and combating performance weaknesses.

We have been delivering virtual workshops since 2017 across various platforms from Zoom to Adobe Connect around the globe. Our proprietary thought leadership focuses on delivering a series of 90 minutes workshops that delivers powerful and engaging experiences for your teams that focuses on pure skills and abilities.

Silver Bullet Series


A suite of two hour development programmes that WILL deliver immediate results.


The Truthful Facts

• People are over-trained but under-developed

• The cost of taking people out of the business for 2, 3 or 4 days for a training programme has a dramatic impact on their ‘time-poor’ schedules

• Not enough time is spent on ‘deliberate-learning’ - the very things that drive immediate and mid-term results


Our Transformational Goal - To Create a Suite of Development designed to be:

• High Impact and Results Driven • Steeped in proven Applications and be Directly Relevant

• Learner Centric and Instantly Measurable • Fun and Insightful

Thriving Leadership


Thriving Leadership

This engaging workshop will share with you the 3 natural leadership gifts that build or destroy a Leader’s credibility and effectiveness. How to create the conditions to Thrive and get the best buy-in from the people you lead to create the company culture that will enable you to perform at your best. The delegates will learn the formula to gain and keep trust within their teams. They will also learn to identify the 6 Traps of Leadership, how to avoid them and what to do when they fall into a trap.


The E Factor

Engagement. The magical word that transcends Leaders from just performing a Performance Management mindset to a Success Management mindset. The E Factor enables leaders to build the conditions in which the employee, the customer and the organisation can flourish and be successful through activating the 5 Levers of Engagement.


Coaching for High Performance

Today's leader needs to develop skills that motivate teams to excel - and key among these skills is coaching. Learn the seven steps of effective coaching. Help your employees improve their performance and in turn your company's performance!


Mission, Vision and Values

Learn how create a compelling set of guiding principles for any team or department. This workshop shows the power that is gained through creating a collective direction and standards for a team to get behind. Our proven process helps participants to detect the things that matter most for themselves and their stakeholders and then, create a mutually beneficial, compelling Mission, Vision and set of Values


Naked (Having Difficult) Conversations

The programme teaches delegates how to ignite productive conversations that interrogates reality, provokes learning, resolves tough challenges and enriches relationships. Naked Conversations prepares you to deal with confrontation and provides key principles, tools and models for other critical conversations – team meetings, coaching, and delegation – that are central to organisational success.

Habits of Effectiveness


The Nature of Personality Styles

Trusting relationships are the real currency of our working lives - finding effective ways to engage and develop responsive, co-operative and fruitful relationships are not only good for business, it’s better for us personally! This fun, interactive session explores the ground breaking work of TetraMap and the Nature of Personality. Delegates learn how to identify their own behavioural style, the styles of their colleagues and customers quickly and easily. But most importantly, how to interact with other ‘styles’ that develop greater communication skills, rapport and working relationships.


Playing from a 10

From time to time we need a little motivation, a little injection of inspiration to bring us back into the feeling great zone. This workshop will do exactly that. Provide an experience that uncovers the route to ‘personal happiness’ and how to attain it... daily!


Naked Communication

This programme drives productivity and results through interpersonal communication improvement. The programme provides participants with a competitive advantage by teaching them how to uncover missed opportunity and potential in situations and people.


Motivating and Influencing Others

Influence and Motivation run in tandem with each other as a core skill of personal achievement. Through the science and method of getting things done through others we explore the core skill, attitudes and behaviours that help us to ethically influence and persuade.


Time Management

Schedules, To Do lists, meetings, time critical work - all plays a too common part in our daily routine. Our busy lives are driven my the tyranny of urgent without a careful consideration of the Important. In this workshop participants will learn how to prioritise a ‘Quadrant II’ work life, focusing on the things that matter most. Through a robust 6-Step Time Leadership system they will be more productive and focused in how they lead their time.

Silver Bullet Naked Presenting


Overcoming Presentation Fear

Research tells us that more than 60% of presenters stumble at the first presentation hurdle... CONFIDENCE. We will coach and deliver successful strategies to help people deal with presentation anxiety, stage fright and presenting to groups from 2 to 2000.


Presentation Designs

A successful presentation can be predicted by the quality of the design method and tools used. Through using our 5 Step presentation design method, delegates can revitalize drawn out over used slides and tired pitches. This Silver Bullet will cut presentation design time by 75%.


Opening and Closing with Impact

Do you want to be unmemorable - open a presentation with, “Good morning, my name is Bob and I’m going to talk to you about ...” and close with, “Thank you and any questions?” However, if you want to be the person everyone will remember every time you present our opening and closing skills will transform your audience’s experience.


Delivery Skills

Learn to identify with the 12 Archetypes of Mediocre Presentations and how to streamline your delivery skills to demonstrate a very professional and personable style whilst meaning a key theme of being perfectly authentic and totally natural.


Slide Design

In this Sliver Bullet workshop you will learn the essential PowerPoint design and theming skills the creative agencies use to make slides look fabulous, slick and bang on message!

Silver Bullet Solution Selling


Account Fan Mapping

Develop and diagnose a contract strategy within a customer that leads to better planning and customer engagement. By using our Angels and Demons process you can prepare a contact strategy that leads to aligning yourself as indispensable within your clients.


Solution Selling Formula

Help move yourself through the value chain by applying a proven Solution Selling Methodology that allows you to identify client challenges and opportunities, the cost and reward of the current situation and how to turn a client into a partner through world class consultative practices.


Selling to Personality Styles

Through using a simple yet powerful personality typing tool, your sales people will be able to identify four distinct styles of behaving and interacting with customers so they can deliver sales messaging and communication in the most effective way.


Product Positioning and Closing

Closing and securing the business requires awareness of the customer’s decision making strategy, aligning yourself to that strategy along with proving that your product or service delivers VALUE against your customer’s needs.


Innovation - How to Differentiate in Sales

In highly competitive environments no one will thank you for delivering an adequate product or service. Innovation drives deeper customer commitment and drives their ability to stay ahead of their competition. This silver bullet processes takes your sales people through a new innovation method that will help them find new differentiation via reduce cost activities.

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